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Sell My House In Any Conditions
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Sell My House In Any Condition?

Hello, homeowner, do you currently own a property that you need to sell now, but your fearful that there are just too many repairs to take on? And that no one would ever agree to buy the property in its current condition? What you may or may not be aware of is many homes have major issues, and even if yours happens to need a ton of repairs, it doesn’t mean that selling is off the table. Here we will review a few possible options to consider in the sales process and when you think about how I’m, going to “sell my house in any condition.”

When you begin the process of selling your house that needs repairs, you’ll want to choose between one of three different options. Depending on the one you decide on, it usually will be based on how much available cash you have on hand for making these types of home repairs, the types of repairs your property requires, and the time you have available to complete them. After you look at each option closely, you’ll get a better sense of which option works best for you in your current situation.Let’s start the process by reviewing our options of how to sell my house in any condition.

Option #1: Remodel Your House Completely.

This option does have the highest price tag and will take the most time to complete. However, this option could get your house sold for more money and faster. Usually, when people are buying a home, they are not necessarily looking for a home to fix up. They’ll want a house that’s fixed up and ready for them to move into and start decorating on day one.

If you choose to pursue this option, decide to take on repairs and upgrades in the house, whether you take care of it all or you only complete some of the items, you should be aware of what problems may be present. While most certainly doing a walk through inspection of the house on your own may allow you to find some of the cosmetic repairs needing fixing, there is also a matter of the hidden, unknown problems you can’t see. Your best investment may be to spend the money and hire a professional home inspector to visit the property to do a home inspection.

Typically a home inspector or general contractor can furnish you with a complete list of all items needing to be repaired or replaced. In some examples, you may not want to update your house completely. We will discuss this in more detail in the next option.

Option #2:  Repair The Major Items On Your House

In some scenarios, the entire property does not need to be updated completely. Usually, you can target repairs on the most pressing and expensive items on the inspector’s repair list. A foundation, a new roof, repiping the plumbing system, installing a new HVAC system, and electrical rewiring work are a few of the larger expenditures that could be on your list. If you make those repairs, it will likely improve the potential selling point of your property.  Most buyers are not interested in purchasing a house if they have to take care of these major repairs before moving in and decorating.

The majority of buyers worry about the purchase of a property that has many significant repairs waiting for them, so they will hire their home inspector just as you decided to do. If the home inspector notes repairs needed, you can expect that the savvy buyers will be looking to you to complete some or all of the repairs or lower the price of the property. Let’s avoid this.

Option #3: Sell Your House “As Is.”

Let’s review the third option. If you’ve decided there is not enough time, money, or reason to put together the necessary repairs to your house at all; you may choose to sell the property “as is.”. This option does require you to disclose to your buyer all of the known faults the home has. The buyers home inspector will likely provide them with a list of similar flaws. In the end, they have the option of buying your house in as-is condition.

Of course, this does mean the price you’re selling the house for will be much lower. Your buyer, whether it is an investor or an individual buyer, will require a lower price since they will be the ones who take care of all of the needed repairs. Still, there are many positives to selling a house that’s in need of repairs or as-is condition. Number one, you won’t be responsible for any of the repair costs or lose the time it takes to manage the rehab. Ultimately, selling a house in as-is condition will often be the simplest way to sell it fast.

Determining your DIY Projects

Not all of the repairs you take on will be large in the sense of cost or the amount of time. Some experts claim you may be able to do some of the needed repairs on your own. Some of these may even be simple things such as changing out the old & broken cabinet doors or changing the cabinet hardware. Other times it might be a little more involved, such as patching holes in the drywall or even painting a few rooms. Still, you’ll find some relatively economical and creative ways to take care of the “little things” around the house that may help it sell.

Finding and Choosing a Contractor

When deciding not to attempt any of these major repairs to your home on your own, you’ll want to have a professional general contractor take care of the job for you. When seeking a general contractor, it’s good practice to verify they have any professional licenses required, and more importantly, they have a solid reputation in the field.  It’s a good idea to obtain three references and do your part and check them. It’s not a bad idea to get multiple estimates from several general contractors to ensure you get a fair deal on the repair cost. Just remember that the quality of work should be more important than the price when completing these repairs.

Going with a Real Estate Specialist

Sell My House In Any Condition
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Lastly, if you have a house you want to sell, but it requires some repairs, you should look into working with a local real estate specialist. They’ll help you determine which option is best for your situation, and they can also assist you with selling your house or finding potential buyers who are comfortable buying a house that needs repairs before moving in.


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