We Buy Houses in Houston, Texas

For us here at Houston Area Home Cash Buyers, Houston is obviously where we do our majority of work. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love serving other areas of the Houston metro area. If you are not directly in Houston, we also serve all of the Houston Suburbs. What do we do? Simply stated – We buy houses in Houston, Texas. Nothing fancy.

Texas Real Estate – Property in the Big State

Everything in Texas is big, including real estate options. If you’re considering a move to Texas, here is a primer on the state.

Constantly in a friendly competition with Dallas, Houston is a city that stands on its own merits. Those merits, however, are based on the boom or bust nature of the oil industry. When things are going well, Houston is abuzz and grows in leaps and bounds. When things are going bad, the economy suffers and so do the people living there. This boom or bust scenario has led to overbuilding and the city has an organized feel to it. All and all, not a personal favorite, but to each their own.

Texas Real Estate

Everything in Texas is big, including real estate options. If you’re considering a move to Texas, here is a primer on the state.

Overall, the good news is Texas real estate is very reasonably priced. The average home price in Dallas is $260,000, while Austin comes in around $200,000. A single-family home in Houston will set you back $150,000 on average, while $220,000 will do the job in San Antonio.

The bad news with Texas real estate involves appreciation. Texas has the lowest real estate appreciation rate from September 2004 to October 2005. With an appreciation rate of a little over 5 percent, not everything is big in Texas. Still, this may be an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, particularly for a great town like Austin. So regardless of your searching “, we buy houses in Houston, Texas” you have options. Is it worth doing nothing? Let us help solve your real estate problem fairly and soundly?

One would think Texas is a take it or leave it to state, but it simply isn’t true. The cities are all unique and a lack of a state income tax makes the low real estate appreciation rates easier to swallow.

Some of our most served Houston Suburbs

Richmond, Texas 

We love serving Richmond due to its fast-growing nature and its wonderful people, if you are searching “sell my house fast  Richmond Texas” our team is always at the ready to assist you with your real estate needs.

Sugarland, Texas

Sugarland is one of Houston’s biggest and wealthiest suburbs and is just a few of the reasons we love serving it. We often get numerous clients from the Sugarland area who have been placed in tough circumstances and need to sell their house fast for a fair cash offer. This is where we come in. we guarantee to have you a fair cash offer within 24 hours that can help you get out of your unfortunate situation and back on your feet. Searching “sell my Sugarland Texas house fast” we will help you find a solution, even if that is not us in the end. Service first, profit next.

Katy, Texas

Undoubtedly, Katy is the fastest growing community surrounding the Houston area and has some of the nicest school systems around. Every single year an influx of more and more people are moving in and trying to move into the community of Katy, and for good reason. Katy has some of the nicest and most genuine people in the Houston area. We also love to help the people of Katy and have served numerous people from the area. If you are looking to “sell my Katy Texas house fast”, contact us today.