What steps do I take to sell my Houston house without repairs

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What steps do I take to sell my Houston house without repairs?

Do you need to sell your Houston house fast but don’t have enough time or money to make costly repairs needed for a conventional real estate transaction with an agent?

Perhaps a imminent foreclosure, a job transfer, or a ugly divorce is pushing you to sell quickly. What can you do if you have some expensive repairs to take care of first, and no spare time to take care of them? Maybe you have a leaking roof or your air conditioning system is on it’s last leg and needs to be replaced. Perhaps you’ve had your house for more than a decade or so and the carpets are shabby and the kitchen out of style. An older house could also mean you’re overdue for paint (both inside and outside of the house). Your fixtures may say hello 1980’s and you’re concerned about the condition of your houses foundation. Even if your need is structural repairs to ensure your home is safe or numerous of its finishes just need to be refreshed, you simply don’t have enough time or money, but need it disposed of quickly.

What if you were to go the traditional route, a real estate agent would certainly ask you to make all these costly repairs before they consider putting your house on the market. They’ll want your house to look impeccable (certainly not inferior to others) on the market as they show it to their buyers. Additionally, if you want to be able to get a mortgage, traditional lenders will likely require that definite repairs are made in order to loan you money.

But what if you don’t have enough time (or the money), what do you do?

And how could you do that today? You can start by thinking outside the normal process of selling and contacting Houston Area Home Cash Buyers. In just a few easy to do steps, you can let pass the hassle of taking care of those repairs, sell your house fast, get the cash in hand and finally move on to the next chapter of your life. 

Need To Sell Your Houston House Fast?

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Simple Steps for Selling Your Home Doing NO Repairs:

  1. Analyze Home. First we’ll look at your home’s location, overall market value in your area, age of your house as well as the floor plan size and lot size of your house.
  2. Home Inspection. We’ll take a look at the repairs required. We’ll value your house on its worth AFTER we complete repairs. We can start by offering a no obligation estimate.
  3. Make Offer (on Home). After our inspection, we’ll make you an all cash offer and discuss the contract details, purchase price, and closing date.
  4. Closing At Title Company. This is where we complete the exchange. You won’t be doing any repairs or have any extra expenses. And we’ll give you a date of your choosing  for the closing period.
  5. Your Home Free. Lastly – We deduct the cost of repairs, holding/selling costs, and profit and pay you your CASH!

As you think over whether to go the traditional course with a real estate agent, bear in mind that if you go with Houston Area Home Cash Buyers you’ll be steered clear of the herd of neediness home buyers who can change their minds on a dime, the exhausting process of getting a buyer approved, buyers who need more repairs done, buyers who need you to pay the closing costs, and buyers who need you to cater to their move-in schedule. Does if make sense to let this property just sit ? Houston’s current market trends being considered,  the average is four to six months to get a property sold start to finish. How does that help you now?

With Houston Area Home Cash Buyers, we can sell a home fast even if you have excessive and costly repairs.

Give us a call or fill out our “Sell Your House” form to get started today.



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